Urn & Frame Floral Tribute – Heavenly Paradise Collection


Urn & Frame Floral Tribute – Heavenly Paradise Collection

Introducing the “Urn & Frame Floral Tribute” from our revered Heavenly Paradise Collection, a meticulously curated flower ensemble that encompasses not just an urn and picture frame, but a heartfelt embrace of memories, tropical allure, and deep respect.

An elegant floral arrangement to weave through the photo and urn of your loved one. 

Size: Multiple arrangements that embrace both picture frame and urn. 14″ tall x 36″ wide. The pieces are adjustable and can be placed closer together to accommodate the size of the table the composition will be sitting on.

*Urn and picture frame not included.
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Vivid Floral Embrace: Nestled amidst the brilliant spectrum of tropical hues - radiant pinks, fiery reds, sunlit oranges, buoyant yellows, and verdant greens - the urn and frame become more than just keepsakes. They transform into sacred sanctuaries, bearing witness to a life cherished, memories shared, and love undying.

Symbolism and Significance: Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Hawaiian traditions, this tribute seamlessly integrates the profound symbolism of tropical flowers. Each bloom, carefully chosen, whispers tales of love, life, and the eternal bonds that defy the confines of time.

Artisan Craftsmanship: Beyond the sheer visual spectacle lies the touch of our expert florists. Their intimate understanding of Hawaiian flora, coupled with their craft, ensures that the floral accompaniments enhance the sanctity of the urn and frame, offering a tribute that's both poignant and profoundly meaningful.

Preserving Memories: The picture frame, accentuated by the vibrant floral arrangement, becomes a window to moments frozen in time, while the urn, enveloped in the soft embrace of the tropics, stands as a testament to a life well-lived and dearly remembered.

Choosing the "Urn & Frame Floral Tribute" from the Heavenly Paradise Collection is an affirmation of respect, love, and cherished memories. Let it serve as a beacon of remembrance, a tangible representation of the vibrant spirit of the departed, and the beauty of Hawaiian traditions and nature that celebrated their journey.

Design & Substitution Policy:

The photos provided to you are a representation of the theme of your arrangement. There may be cases where we are unable to recreate your arrangement 'exactly' as pictured.  We assure you that the style, theme, colors, and quality will capture the essence of the pictured design. This needs to be stated because we may have to substitute flowers due to aspects such as the weather, season, or the market, all of which affect availability.

We understand that the design of our arrangements can be very important to you, and you may have specific elements that you would like us to incorporate. If this is the case, please let us know under our florist instructions at checkout, or you are welcome to contact us as well.

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