Shining Bouquet – Sunset Tribute Collection


Shining Bouquet – Sunset Tribute Collection

The Shining Bouquet from our Sunset Tribute Collection embodies the rich tapestry of hues painted across the sky as day transitions into night. Delicately arranged, this bouquet features a luminous blend of yellow and orange roses and is interspersed with the stunning silhouettes of orchids.

Size: 24″ -26″ tall x 16″-18″ wide

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Each rose in this bouquet captures the essence of a sunbeam, symbolizing the radiant memories and the warmth of a loved one's touch. The orchids, with their vibrant colors, stand as a representation of freedom, joy, and the promise of another tomorrow.

Hand-tied with reverence and designed to capture the heart, the Shining Bouquet serves as a beacon of hope and remembrance, an ode to a life that shone brightly and left an indelible mark on every heart it touched.

Design & Substitution Policy:

The photos provided to you are a representation of the theme of your arrangement. There may be cases where we are unable to recreate your arrangement 'exactly' as pictured.  We assure you that the style, theme, colors, and quality will capture the essence of the pictured design. This needs to be stated because we may have to substitute flowers due to aspects such as the weather, season, or the market, all of which affect availability.

We understand that the design of our arrangements can be very important to you, and you may have specific elements that you would like us to incorporate. If this is the case, please let us know under our florist instructions at checkout, or you are welcome to contact us as well.

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