Pastel Embrace Wreath – Loving Reflections Collection


Pastel Embrace Wreath – Loving Reflections Collection

Emanating from the heart of the Loving Reflections Collection, the Pastel Embrace Wreath stands as an eloquent testament to tender memories and poignant moments. With a harmonious dance of soft blush, gentle pink, and tranquil purple blossoms, this wreath exudes a warmth and gentleness befitting the deepest condolences.

Size: 28-30″ Wide As you can see in the photos, the foliage may tastefully exceed the overall measurements.

  • Wreath stand included
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Every bloom has been handpicked and meticulously arranged, reflecting the care and love with which memories are cherished. The soft hues embody the essence of early dawn, a symbol of hope, renewal, and the gentle touch of a new day, even amidst the sorrow.

The poink blossoms beam with friendship and remembrance, the purple flowers resonate with dignity and admiration, while the blush blooms tenderly convey love and appreciation. Together, they wrap around in a continuous circle of life, love, and everlasting memory.

Perfect for memorial services, graveside ceremonies, or simply as a gesture of sympathy, the Pastel Embrace Wreath serves as a comforting embrace during times of reflection. It's not just a floral arrangement; it's a heartfelt message, a touch of solace, and a promise of cherished memories living on forever.

Design & Substitution Policy:

The photos provided to you are a representation of the theme of your arrangement. There may be cases where we are unable to recreate your arrangement 'exactly' as pictured.  We assure you that the style, theme, colors, and quality will capture the essence of the pictured design. This needs to be stated because we may have to substitute flowers due to aspects such as the weather, season, or the market, all of which affect availability.

We understand that the design of our arrangements can be very important to you, and you may have specific elements that you would like us to incorporate. If this is the case, please let us know under our florist instructions at checkout, or you are welcome to contact us as well.

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