About Us

Design is our passion, compassion is what we cultivate!

Hawaii’s serene beauty beckons us into a realm of solace. From the gentle blooms and graceful fronds adorning the shores to the towering foliage and lush flora adorning our island landscapes, we find endless inspiration in our surroundings. Our distinct fusion of natural elements and thoughtful design sets us apart as specialists in funeral floristry. With meticulous attention to every detail, we find profound fulfillment in weaving our expertise with your heartfelt intentions. As you navigate this tender phase of bidding farewell, trust that you have chosen the finest Hawaii has to offer.

Having witnessed many seasons of remembrance, our team is esteemed as one of Hawaii’s foremost funeral florists. Our designers have honed their craft through training and exploration in Miami, Los Angeles, and our own beloved Hawaiian Islands. Our artistic vision intertwines rare native foliage and trees with fragrant blossoms, infusing arrangements with an exotic allure and tropical essence.

Plant Hawaii endeavors to make your funeral floral journey seamless and effortless, providing solace for you and your loved ones. Together, let us embark on this meaningful path, where laughter and tears may intertwine, as we curate the perfect homage to your dear departed. Trust in our boundless creativity and unwavering attention to detail, knowing that we will rekindle emotions and memories, allowing love to bloom anew. Discover more about us today!